New Moise Kean Mess

Moise Kean (Juventus) was one of the important names, together with Sandro Tonali (Milan), of the Italy Under-21 team in the next European Championship in the category, but in the end it will not be like that. The Juventus forward has decided on his own initiative not to be in the tournament. He alleges “lack of motivation.” tuttosport It gives details of Moise Kean’s fright from a tournament of vital importance since he distributes three places for the 2024 Olympic Games. It is not the first mess for Kean when he has been international, since in the past he had episodes of indiscipline with the Sub-19 and with the Sub-21 itself.

At first there was talk of a physical setback. An injury that would come at the worst moment, but as the hours have progressed It was learned that Moise Kean announced that he was not entirely committed to the project of playing with the Under-21s. I had no motivation. He was not attracted to the Romanian and Georgian Under-21 championship. After a long conversation with coach Nicolato, the current Vecchia Signora striker decided to give up his participation and leave the Italian camp. He left his team and his teammates in the lurch. He did not see himself among those chosen by Roberto Mancini for the Final Four of the Nations League and yes, among those of the European Under-21, he could have had something to do with his decision.

“Kean will be useful if he has the right attitude and he will be among the 23 for the European Championships, out of the 29 that I called for practice, only the players who have a clear will to stay will remain. I don’t have to think that Moise can’t be among them. Now Pellegri will play in his place”, affirmed the coach of the azzurra days before.

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