New Luka Doncic for Real Madrid: Chus Mateo proves it at just 16 years old

The young prodigy who stuns ‘Los Blancos’ and promises to be the next star.

The basketball world has a new prodigy on the rise, and his name is Gildas Giménez. Although he is only 16 years old, the young talent causes a stir At Real Madrid and across the European basketball scene, he is compared to the sensational Luka Doncic for his versatile style of play and ability to play multiple positions.. Without a doubt, Giménez is a name to remember.

Gildas Giménez was born in Ouagadougou, the capital of Burkina Faso, and has diverse roots. However, his talent and passion for basketball led him to take Spanish citizenship and join Real Madrid in 2018. Since then he has made great strides in the junior and cadet categories, demonstrating his innate ability to play.

Doncic Real Madrid
Gildas Giménez: The young talent who imitates Luka

Gildas Gimenez: the new Real Madrid’s Luka Doncic in development

Giménez is not only a physically impressive player but also a tactician on the pitch. With the ability to act as a shooting guard and in positions ‘1’ through ‘3’, his versatility is one of his greatest strengths. His defensive play is impressive, with effective dodging and a fearless mentality to pressure opponents. His talents aren’t just limited to defense, however. Both his accuracy in threes and his driving skills are highlights of his offense.

Likewise, his career in the world of basketball was meteoric. From his training with Gredos de Moratalaz and Uros de Rivas to his move to Real Madrid in 2018, he has shown exceptional dedication and skill. Despite his youth, his aggressiveness on the pitch and competitive mentality have taken him to higher levels of the game.

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Shine on the European stage

This year Gildas Giménez proved his ability as an exceptional player during the European Championship. With an impressive 45% on three-shots, he’s made it clear he’s willing to take risks and succeed. His penetrating power and off-the-ball intelligence make him a complete player in all areas of the game.

This young talent opens a path that is just beginning but is already leaving an indelible mark on the world of basketball. With an outstanding double-double in the national final with the Autonomous Community of Madrid and his outstanding performance in the summer, cements his position as one of the continent’s preeminent two-way players. With his passion, versatility and determination, it is undeniable that Gildas Giménez has a bright future ahead and the world is eager to witness his rise to greatness.

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