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New Levante UD coach squeezes to sign Mayoral

The new coach of the Raise UD, Javier Pereira, has requested the signing of Borja Mayoral as a condition to achieve the objectives. The start is devastating, with 8 days without knowing the victory, and in the granota club they must do something to be able to add 3 in 3 as soon as possible.

However, the new coach has not accepted without terms the position of first technician. One of the conditions that he has placed on the directive is the signing from an old man known to the granota fans. A signing that at the beginning of summer seemed practically impossible.

One of the reasons why Levante UD is sunk in the standings is due to its lack of success in the face of goal. In eight days they have only scored six goals, so the new coach has asked the directive for an effort to sign a new striker.

The favorite of all is Borja Mayoral, who knows the house and the league perfectly. But his signing will not be easy at all, as they will have to negotiate on two sides to get him to return to the Granota entity. However, it is not as far-fetched an idea as it may seem at first.

After a great first season in the Roman team, José Mourinho has relegated him to the role of third forward. Real Madrid was about to re-fish him in the final stretch of the summer, but finally they decided to let him on loan under the orders of the Portuguese coach.

However, seeing that he has barely played 41 minutes so far in the league, they could play him back to give him up again. And that is where Levante UD comes in, which would be very interested in having their services again. For his part, Borja Mayoral would not look down on a return to the Granota club to find himself with good feelings on the pitch.

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