MPs are outraged by the statements of the new Justice Minister Dilan Yeşilgöz (VVD), who did not want to say clearly yesterday that the corona rules should be enforced. Coalition party D66 calls it “an unwise signal” and says: “If the minister does not make that call, how should mayors feel supported?”

The PvdA calls the texts of the minister about this, who were questioned about entrepreneurs who want to open their business against the rules, a “bad signal”. Minister Yeşilgöz’s own party also demanded an explanation today. “We have to enforce. Together with the parliamentary committee, we have asked the minister to explain this reporting,” says VVD MP Ingrid Michon.

‘To people themselves’

The minister answered yesterday whether she wants to do things differently from her predecessor Ferd Grapperhaus, who was sometimes criticized for the lack of control over compliance with the rules: “Compliance is more what you and I make of it than that the police have to walk around there. Ultimately, corona, whichever way you look at it, is something we have to tackle together. So it’s really up to the people themselves to abide by those rules. your own health and your environment.”

And to the emphatic question of whether enforcement will be enforced: “There will be – and of course that applies to every measure and rule – if we have agreed something and you do not stick to it, then it can simply be enforced. But ultimately with corona. I’m going to say it to you again, it’s also about our own responsibility and our own role in it.”

Member of parliament Hanneke van der Werf says: “It is important for the police and boas that they feel supported by a clear call from the minister. The policy stands or falls with the willingness to enforce.” The D66 member reminds the minister that, as a VVD MP, she still insisted on the need for enforcement.

Minister Yeşilgöz sent a letter to parliament tonight in response to the fuss. She writes in it that she will emphasize the importance of “enforcement as the final element of the measures” to the mayors in the Security Council tonight.

coupon book

Several mayors understand the actions announced by entrepreneurs and announced yesterday that they would not enforce them. The Security Council, with the chairmen of the 25 security regions, met digitally this evening to consider the situation. Chairman of the mayor Hubert Bruls said afterwards: “In the first place, we ask the people themselves to take responsibility. If that is not possible, the government will enforce it. First inform, then warn and in the worst case close. We really don’t suddenly go crazy with the coupon book walk around.”

Today there were more announcements of rebellion: many catering entrepreneurs want to open their business on Saturday in protest in the absence of relaxation. They want the easing to be spread evenly across the different sectors. The relaxations that have now been leaked apply to gyms, hairdressers, colleges and universities, among others. It also looks like non-essential stores will be allowed to open again by appointment.


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