New instructions have been issued for passengers going to Saudi Arabia

New instructions have been issued for travelers going to Saudi Arabia, the Saudi government has made it mandatory for travelers to carry scanned copies of their passports and visas.

Saudi Civil Aviation Authority has issued new travel guidelines for entering the Kingdom, strict instructions have been issued to all airlines including Saudi Airlines to implement the new travel guidelines.

The Saudi aviation authorities have instructed the passengers going to Saudi Arabia to keep a scanned copy of the passenger’s passport and visa with them.

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Aviation officials say that the airline administration should not issue boarding passes to passengers if the details are not entered on the visa as per the passport, the airline administration will bear the accommodation and return expenses of the passengers traveling on wrong documents.

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The directive of Saudi Aviation further states that the airline will be obliged to return such a passenger immediately on the next flight, and all airlines should train their staff in this regard.

Violating airlines will be penalized, the guidelines said.

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