the new docuseries "Giant"inspired by the legacy of the famous TV show "Giant Saturday"will narrate four different stages of Latino immigration in the United States and will feature unpublished images from the personal files of its driver, the Chilean Mario Kreutzberger, better known as Don Francisco.

Onyx Collective, a new content brand formed under Disney General Entertainment Content (DGE), announced Thursday in a statement that it has acquired for broadcast this four-part docuseries explaining the political and cultural impact of "Giant Saturday".

"Giant" explains how immigrants from different Latin American countries "created a tenuous alliance that would come to harness the social capital, economic expertise, and political influence that forever changed America"reads the statement.

with the participation "unlimited" of Kreutzberger himself, access to the archives of 53 years of "Giant Saturday" Y "a huge set of A-list celebrities", "Giant" explores how the longest-running variety show in television history "helped shape a new demographic and became a political force"Add.

"I’m at a point in my life where it’s more interesting to look back, where I have the full perspective of not only my 60 years as a professional, but also where I can fully analyze the record-breaking run of Don Francisco and ‘Sábado Gigante’ and what What did it mean to so many people?"Kreutzberger explained.

The octogenarian presenter already reviewed his extensive television career and the challenges he has faced in a recent biographical book published in 2021 under the title of "With a desire to live".

Now he goes one step further by taking his program "to a whole new audience"as he said in the statement when thanking Onyx Collective for this effort.

The series, which has no release date, will be broadcast exclusively in the US through the Hulu platform, in Latin America on Star+ and "in all other territories" on the Disney+ streaming channel.

It is directed by Kareem Tabsch and Alex Fumero ("Much Much Love: The Legend of Walter Mercado"), who also came up with the idea for the docuseries, and is produced by Foton.Pictures and Trojan Horse.

"’Gigante’ is the definitive Latino origin story told through the lens of ‘Sábado Gigante,’ one of the most beloved shows in the Spanish-speaking world and an essential component of every home."Tabsch points out.

"Hispanics. Latinos. Latinxs. Whatever we are called or whatever we call ourselves, very few people understand who we are and where we come from, including us"Tabsch says.

As this Emmy-nominated filmmaker explains, the series narrates "how a Jewish Chilean immigrant in Miami managed to shape the way millions of other immigrants of dozens of nationalities throughout the Western Hemisphere identified themselves, bringing us all closer together and forever changing the face of the United States and Latin America in the world. process".

For his part, Carlos Enrique Cuscó, general director of the production company Foton.Pictures, pointed out that "Giant" it is "a very personal project" Y "It is part of our DNA as a company".

"Bringing impactful and relevant stories to the forefront with such talented creative partners as Kareem and Alex is why we got into this business."Cusco said.


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