New disclosure in the study regarding the spread of corona through the air

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  • Study was done regarding the presence of corona virus in small droplets
  • The study was published in the research journal ‘International Communication in Heat and Mass Transfer’.

Washington: The presence of the corona virus in microscopic droplets released from the mouth of infected persons by sneezing or coughing can persist for a longer time and these particles can travel greater distances in the air. This has come to the fore from a study conducted in the laboratory. The study, published in the research journal ‘International Communication in Heat and Mass Transfer’, studied the presence of corona virus in small droplets.

‘Virus can spread far through mucus’

Researchers at the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) of the US Department of Energy have found that the virus can spread farther through mucus. Conventional understanding has been that most of the droplets produced by the respiratory system dry up quickly in the air and cause no harm. However, the PNNL team has found that the mucus shell that surrounds the respiratory droplets is likely to reduce the rate of evaporation. This allows the viral particles inside the droplets to stay moist for a longer period of time.

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The team of researchers estimates that the droplets in the mucus cover can stay moist for up to 30 minutes and travel up to 200 feet. Study author Leonard Pease said, “There are reports of people in that room being infected with the corona virus even after a gust of wind from an infected person or several minutes after the infected person has left the room.” ”

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