New crypto service provider CoinMart offers safe, easy and profitable investing in crypto currency

As of today, Dutch people who want to trade or invest in crypto currency safely, easily and affordably can turn to a new crypto service provider: CoinMart. This young exchange from Dutch soil not only wants to make trading in digital currencies more accessible, but also more transparent. The ambition is to become the most hospitable human alternative in the sometimes obscure international crypto sector.

Trading or investing in crypto currency is becoming increasingly popular. But many Dutch people who want to join are put off by the often not very customer-friendly and non-transparent platforms on which digital currencies are traded. The relatively high transaction costs that are sometimes charged also form a barrier for many.

CoinMart therefore introduces a new approach to cryptocurrency services: transparent, safe and above all very accessible. Marc Wille, Head of Marketing at CoinMart: “Unlike many other providers, CoinMart is located in the Netherlands and customers can always reach us. We are also registered as a crypto service provider with De Nederlandsche Bank. And unlike many other platforms, we offer ‘coin in-coin out’, so no hassle with converting your cryptos into euros and vice versa. Finally, with only 0.2% commission per transaction, we are also one of the cheapest parties in the Netherlands.”

Unique mix

By offering a unique blend of convenience, security and low fees, CoinMart aims to democratize trading and investing in digital currencies. Wille explains: “We want to challenge established parties with a service that better meets the needs of both novice and experienced crypto traders and investors. We believe that investing and trading cryptocurrency should not be something for a small group of insiders, but something anyone can do with confidence and hassle-free. After all, it is the digital money of the future.”

CoinMart is live starting this week via

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