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New conviction against Amazon for employing thousands of bogus self-employed people

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New conviction of Amazon in Spain. He Social Court No. 42 of Madrid has condemned the company led by Andy Jassy for this Hire 3,688 delivery drivers as bogus self-employed between October 2019 and November 2021 and explained that the relationship between them and the company was work-related and not commercial, as the multinational company intended.

It is the second conviction of this kind received by Amazon In our country. The first was known a year ago and covered the period between 2017 and 2019. Amazon introduced the Amazon Flex model with which Anyone who had a car could deliver packages for fourteen euros an hourEnd of 2017. Following the passage of the Rider Act in August 2021, Amazon quietly ended the program, which is currently not working in Spain.

Amazon can appeal the ruling to the Madrid Supreme Court in the next five days

This lawsuit was filed by the General Treasury Department of Social Security and had that Intervention by the UGT union Representing several hundred of this delivery person who celebrated the conviction. «We view this ruling as an important milestonewhich ends this painful episode in this particular company by now legalizing all workers with a contract“, the union has expressed in a statement, while calling on workers to continue to rely on the union to analyze possible claims against the company for other rights that have been deprived of them during this period.exercise false autonomy or fight and negotiate their current working conditions in this or another company«.

«Once again, the position we have always taken towards the union is clear. When a computer application, an algorithm or an AI controls your working conditions, not only are you obviously an employee of said company, but your rights are also threatened and regulations and collective agreements must be created to control this automation, as happened in Spain in 2011 The well-known driver law is a pioneer and must be implemented across Europe with a clear directive on digital platforms«, UGT explained.

Amazon can appeal against the verdict in the next five days before Supreme Court of Madrid. However, in statements to the Spanish newspaper, the company said it disagreed with the decision and assured that it was considering appealing: “From 2018 to 2021, we worked with some autonomous carriers through the Amazon Flex program, which represented a small percentage of the parcels delivered in Spain«.

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