New controversy in SBK at the expense of Carrasco and Bautista

The tests last week in Jerez gave birth to one of the tightest preseason in recent times, but ended with a crossover of statements that has been lengthening as the days go by. Álvaro Bautista and Ana Carrasco were the protagonists of a clash on the track which, beyond remaining anecdotal, angered the world champion more than necessary, he gave his opinion to the press at the end of the day and his words ended up being commented on (and criticized) by many fans on social networks. Both met in the first corner of the Andalusian circuit, where the Spaniard ended up suffering a fall without consequences for which he blames the Moto3 driver, who attended the tests as part of his preseason training.

“I had Ana Carrasco ahead of me in the middle of the straight, and when I braked I got too close to her. I had to put the bike straight, I went into the dirty part of the corner and lost the front wheel. Luckily nothing happened, but Ana should shoot with the amateurs. She is too slow to do it with Superbike and Supersport riders. It’s not very safe.” assured the Ducati rider, insisting that the incident had not been his fault, pointing out the low speed of the Spanish when she was ahead on the track. Shortly after, Ana Carrasco could not hide her indignation and she did not hesitate to answer Bautista harshly through social networks, giving her version of what happened: “Are you saying amateur because I’m a woman? World Champion, I saw your board at the finish line, and I knew you were coming. Between T1 and T2 I got inside, I turned to see when you passed, and I saw you falling… so don’t count milongas”. However, there was no further response from the current champion.

But, when the exchange of statements seemed to end, Scott Redding reopened the melon. A new debate began between the Superbike riders and the British dedicated a few words to his greatest rival through Instagram, with whom he already confronted a few months ago after requesting a minimum weight increase in WorldSBK upon seeing the superiority of the Spaniard with his Ducati : “Oh, Alvaro. No one else had any problems. You are a world champion and you should be able to handle the bikes around you.” He did not enter the controversial Bautista, who remains silent, but there were those who came to his defense: neither more nor less than another pilot, Tom Skyes, former World Championship pilot, now part of British Superbikes. “Where is the subject Ana and Scott? Show me where Álvaro used the gender issue because it seems that you manipulate and use this issue when it suits you. All this does is give a negative aspect to an issue that everyone has worked hard on. And also a world championship and two world champions. Nobody has a problem until it becomes a problem, that’s true. I was also very close and I was almost wrong”, replied the now Kawasaki pilot.

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Redding did not take long to reply and accused the British of having “ravaged one of the few women in this sport.” A comment that Sykes categorized as a “low blow” in his last response to the BMW driver: “Ana Carrasco is a world champion and a woman. I was close to that project when she won (on Supersport 300), with support and interest. So let’s cut this nonsense. Ana knows that I respect her. If anything, you are the one trying to use your powerful image and gender to prove something. Look how you manipulate things to get there.” But it wasn’t the last word from Scott, who was saving one last answer. “First you said, basically, that Ana is an amateur pilot, agreeing with Álvaro. Then you said that she was a world champion and that you supported her. So what’s up: all the world champions are amateurs? Or just Ana? Redding settled, which was only followed by silence and without the presence of the great protagonists of history.

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