New conditions imposed on visitors to Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi: Emirati authorities have started EDE scanning of citizens and foreigners to enter the capital.

According to Arab media, the UAE state of Abu Dhabi has imposed new conditions for entry into the state for citizens and foreigners residing in other states of the UAE.

Emirati officials say EDE scanning of the faces of citizens and foreigners entering Abu Dhabi will be done through their smartphones.

According to the report, EDE is an advanced technology that can easily detect the symptoms of Corona virus in any person.

Officials say that if the result of EDE scanning is positive, then the PCR test of the said person will be done in the same center, the result of which is shown in 20 minutes.

Emirati officials say that if the result of the test is positive, the citizens of other states will be returned while the residents of Abu Dhabi will be quarantined.


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