Home Business New collaboration Bitvavo lets customers buy bitcoin automatically

New collaboration Bitvavo lets customers buy bitcoin automatically

Nieuwe samenwerking Bitvavo laat klanten automatisch bitcoin kopen

The Dutch crypto exchange Bitvavo has entered into a partnership with Diamond Pigs. Thanks to the collaboration, clients can use trading bots that are integrated with the Bitvavo trading platform. That leaves the exchange in an announcement blog know.

Automatic crypto trading on Bitvavo

The blog post states that customers can use automatic trading strategies with Diamond Pigs. There are two types of trading bots; active and passive algorithms. The former category consists of bots that actively enter and exit based on sentiment. This is called an active strategy as several trades are executed every week.

Passive trading bots, on the other hand, follow an index strategy. This means that the bot automatically rebalances the portfolio every month. In this case, the bot will never get out of the crypto in question.

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Selection of trading bots on Bitvavo

Through the collaboration, Bitvavo has integrated various bots within its platform. Thus, there are a number of trading bots available. A selection of these are:

  • Duroc – A trading bot that scans different crypto, holds positions in indecisive times and takes profits on surges.
  • Hereford – This bot follows an active strategy based on swing trading and market sentiment. The bot only trades with bitcoin (BTC).
  • Berkshire – This bot follows an index strategy and balances the portfolio monthly based on the largest and most liquid crypto by market capitalization.

How to bet trading bots on Bitvavo

The Diamond Pigs trading bots are an additional service. First, you need to create an account at Bitvavo. Follow this link to do this directly and trade the first $1,000 worth of crypto for free.

Users can first test the bots with play money. The Bitvavo wallet can then be linked via the API. With a balance of more than $200, the bots charge different rates from 0.167% to 0.25% per month, depending on the trading strategy employed.

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