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I found out, via the networks, about a new book by the author Felix García Estrella, a long-standing national sports journalist. It is a book that in these times should be a “best seller” in our country because its title narrates the hot and apparently eternal rivalry between Aguilas Cibaeñas and Tigres del Licey.

Very up-to-date topic, much more so now after the injuries caused by the confiscation of a game from the eaglet team in favor of the blues.

This book by García Estrella is called “Aguilas y Licey, Historia de una Intensa Rivalidad”, and it is available on the Amazon platform, and later physically, according to the author. Find it and read it, if you are a high school student or eaglet. Previously, García Estrella gave us an encyclopedia of Dominican baseball called “Total Encyclopedia of Dominican Winter Baseball.”

THE BANILEJOS: On the other hand, the book “Baní, Fábrica de Playeros, 1963-2001” came into my hands. The authors are Dr. Rafael Victor Andújar Martínez and Rafael Soto Soto (kilo), both from Banilejos. There are thousands of professional baseball players that the province has produced, many of them from MLB, and in this work they are detailed in full. I recommend it, and congratulate its authors.

Now let’s take a little look at the networks, to see what people say about current affairs:

RUBEN CAMILO: If Vladimir Guerrero Jr. makes his debut tomorrow, it will be the biggest joke that any player has made to an entire fan base. Something like this would deserve all the repudiation possible, from the fans of Electoral, expressed through a big boo this coming Friday.

ROLIN FERMIN: The leak to the press of Lidom’s resolution on the confiscation “seeked ill-intentioned media pressure” that violated “due process” of the case, which the entity itself had requested its non-disclosure until the entire process was completed.”

RICARDO GONZALVEZ GARCIA: They will tell me that I have to update myself, but the WAR is not another invention of the agents to get more money, Carlos Correa has an excellent defense, but offensively he is not a Matatán for all that money. I continue with my old numbers, I value offensively by runs scored and RBIs, they are the ones that produce, not to mention average and H4…? How do you win without doing more races than your opponent? Now without even having a productive season they already give you millions for life, HOW LUCKY THEY ARE: BEING BORN IN THIS TIME.

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THE AWARDS: I anticipate to comment that in the current baseball tournament the prizes defined by journalists will have a more relevant special flavor than in the past, and all because the rivalry between the Aguilas-Licey sectors is increasing a lot… For example, the candidates to manager of the year with José Leger and José Offerman, and that’s where the mess will start because both have merits… It is possible that Offerman wins because, according to gossip in the capital, there are more high school journalists than eaglets… (Note: all this It’s gossip, nothing serious).

For the MVP Ronny Mauricio, from Licey, it seems like a “line”. But don’t forget that there is another MVP, the one from Lidom… How will that be?

NEW PITCHER: Enter the right-hander Noah Syndergaard in the Dodgers’ rotation for 2023. This man signed for 1 year and US$13 million, and will be in the main quintet along with the Mexican Julio Urias, Clayton Kershaw, Tony Gonsolin and Dustin May. . The star Walker Buehler underwent Tommy John surgery in August of this year and would miss all of 2023…On the other hand, it is said that the Dodgers would be interested in signing shortstop Dansby Swanson, who remains in free agency. They lost Trea Turner, signed by Philadelphia for 300 million.

THE FINAL: It will be this Sunday when the final of the Soccer World Cup takes place, a great event. Qatar seems to have gotten good grades, while Argentina and France will dispute the crown. This Saturday, there will be a match for third place between Morocco and Croatia . .. But, the most outstanding note is the confrontation between Lionel Messi and Kilian Mbappé, who are teammates in Paris Saint Germain… Messi is in his 5th. World Cup with the Argentina team, but he still hasn’t won… They say this could be his last chance since he’s already 36 years old… Will he be champion?… The game will be at 11 AM on CDNDeportes.

Oh, Messi is 5-foot-6, and he’s making $40 million this year.


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