Nets cold water jug ​​to Chicago fire

If the Brooklyn Nets have something, it is that they are unpredictable. They may have lost five of their last seven games, come home to their conference leader, and play (and win) better than ever. If they have something, it is also that they do not need to be a team to win, the individualities are enough for them, although if they start playing as a team, as happened today in the third quarter, turn off and let’s go. And if the Nets have one thing, it is, of course, Kevin Durant. As an argument to win games, surely there are not two better words than those currently. The Chicago Bulls can give a good account of all this, who arrived at the United Center prepared to live a party and went home looking as if they had not had too much fun.

It all happened in the third quarter. Until that moment the game was even, on the scoreboard (60-62 at halftime) and on the court, with the stands on, taking the game for what it was, a special occasion within the regular season. A key moment for his team to hit the table, to say “here I am and I have come to stay.” To show, in short, that the Bulls are very serious. To convince the last few skeptics. All of that evaporated on the way back from the locker room. The fire that was mounting at the United Center was put out by the Brooklyn Fire Department, with their Captain Durant at the helm.

With a total run of 19-39 in those 12 minutes, the score at the end of the third period (79-101) left no room for doubt. The Nets only had to hold the advantage, behave like a serious team, something that is not seen every night but that happened today in Chicago. This time they were a disciplined group in the fourth quarter and a hell machine in the third. The nightmare of any contender for the ring this year appeared in the city of the wind. With Kevin Durant scoring at a hellish pace (17 goals, his best quarter of the season, 10 of them in just two minutes), with James Harden assisting in all shapes and sizes (16 basket passes at the end of the game) and with Patty Mills being that secondary luxury that anyone would want to have (21 points, 6/8 from the perimeter). It didn’t even take Kyrie Irving to showcase his talents in his third game of the season.

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The Bulls are still first in the East (1.5 wins over the Nets now), their season is being magnificent and this loss cannot and should not tarnish it. There’s a lot of regular season ahead of them, but whatever it means to reach the playoffs with a field advantage will be a resounding success, let alone if they hold the top spot. However, tonight’s defeat is a warning to boaters. You know, in case you had not realized, that among the dangers that can be found on the way to the ring is one that we all know exists, although many times it is not seen. One dressed in black that has cyclone through Chicago to take away a pinch of the illusion that had soaked the city.

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