Netherlands: they gave tutorials to rob ATMs

Dutch and German police broke up a gang of robbers who were making video tutorials on how to blow up cash machines. A man was killed while filming one of these videos.

Three people linked to fifteen attacks on distributors in Germany were arrested on Tuesday in the vicinity of Utrecht, Amsterdam and The Hague. Six other suspects have been arrested in the Netherlands over the past year, say the European Judicial Cooperation Unit Eurojust and the European Police Agency Europol.

Monitored for 18 months by the authorities, this gang has collected a booty 2.15 million euros.

training center

The criminals “were making video tutorials delivered in person to other criminals,” said a spokesperson for Europol. Dangerous activities that left one dead and one injured within the gang. In September 2020, in Utrecht (Netherlands), “the main suspect, a 29-year-old man, blew himself up while filming a video tutorial,” Europol said. “His accomplice, a 24-year-old man, was seriously injured and taken into custody,” adds the European agency.

The hunt began after police in Osnabruck, Germany identified “suspicious orders” for ATMs from a German company. The investigation led the police to Utrecht where the 29 and 24-year-old suspects are suspected of having run a sort of training center.

“The duo were ordering different models of ATMs and recording tutorials on how to blow them up most efficiently,” Europol and Eurojust said. The gang used “home-made explosive devices, posing a serious risk to residents and passers-by,” said Europol, which underlines that the explosive attacks on ATMs are a “growing concern” in Europe.

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