In the Netherlands, Amsterdam airport, one of the largest in Europe, has just recruited pigs to scare away birds that fly too close to the runways.

Birds that fly too close to the runways represent a high risk of collisions with planes at Amsterdam airport (the Netherlands). To solve the problem, pigs were purchased by the management of theairport, they are the new guardians of airplane pilots. “The presence of pigs discourages the birds from flying over the field. In addition, they eat everything in the fields so the birds no longer need to come around the field.”, explains Josse Haarhuis.

Experimentation can make you smile, but it is very serious. Airports around the world are facing this problem. In the Netherlands, officers are already using laser beams or making noise to scare away birds. “There are all the time collisions with planes. Most of the time it is of no consequence, but sometimes the planes have to come back to the airport to be checked or a small repair”, says an employee of the airport.