Netherlands: a country under the sign of innovation to fight against floods

The rising waters are one of the plagues that continuously and historically strikes the Netherlands. A quarter of the population lives near a watercourse. To fight against these frequent floods, the country has decided to rely on several innovations.

In 1995, nearly 200,000 people had to leave their homes in the face of rising water levels. An event which particularly traumatized the country which, since, multiplies the innovations to face these floods. Houses and towns are experiencing a new adaptation that is very original but also very effective.

It is one of the most original innovations. Along the waterways, we can see habitats of a new kind. Floating houses are everywhere now. For the past five years, Marten has lived in a house in 200 square meters in the city center. Behind the house, you can see pylons that allow the house to adapt to the river in the event of a flood. “When the waters rise, our house also rises”, he explains. A very funny innovation that allows residents to stay afloat.

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