Now that it has Android mobile games on its streaming platform, Netflix is ​​increasing the portfolio.

On this occasion, it added three new titles that can be enjoyed, free of charge, by subscribers of the well-known platform.

The games are free, but only for Netflix subscribers.

Recently, Netflix began to include games for the Android mobile platform on its streaming platform. All subscribers to the service can now enjoy the titles, free of charge, through the Google Play Store.

And, of course, Netflix is ​​beginning to diversify the still short list of available options. You have now added three new titles: Dominoes Café, Knittens, and Wonderputt Forever.

Although none of the three is a big name in the world of video games, it should be noted that, in addition to being free, they do not contain advertising or in-app purchases. E, if only for these reasons, they become very attractive right away.

Remember that among the options available to play on Netflix, there are already better-known titles such as Stranger Things: 1984 and Asphalt Xtreme.

How to access games through the Android platform

On Android devices, the Netflix app has games in a dedicated area, which can be accessed via a smartphone or tablet. Subsequently, users only have to navigate through the Categories menu to find the title of their choice.

Then, they just have to download the title through the Google Play Store. Alternatively, they can use the Google Play Store search option to find and install games.


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