Netflix: watch these 5 movies before they leave Netflix

Every new month, there is content that premieres on Netflix. But this is also the time when, by tradition, some important content leaves the platform. And be careful if you want to see them before they leave.

In this article we have compiled five movies for all tastes, which will come out of Netflix at the end of October / beginning of November. So, if you want to see them on the streaming platform, it will have to be on the indicated date.

Angels and Demons – Last Day to View: October 31

Representatives of the Catholic Church summon a symbologist to strike back at a secret society that is retaliating for past Vatican persecutions.

Red October Hunt – Last day to watch: October 31

When a Soviet nuclear submarine heading for the seas of the United States disappears from the American radar, officers and Jack Ryan fight to defend themselves.

Better is impossible – last day to watch: October 31

The structured world of a bitter, compulsive-obsessive author dissolves when he is drawn into the life of a single mother and her gay neighbor.

Top Gun: Indomitable Aces – Last day to watch: October 31

Tom Cruise is Maverick, a pilot trying to balance his life, responsibilities and a love story while competing in the Navy Pilot School.

Tom and Jerry: The Movie – Last day to watch: October 31

Tom and Jerry, one of the most famous duos of all time, star in this feature film full of magic, music and adventure.

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