Netflix: series and movies to watch this weekend

Netflix offers new series and movies every week. To help you choose what to watch this weekend, we have a small selection of the best news in the catalog. Let’s go !

The Netflix catalog is enriched every week with many new features. To make room for this new content, Netflix must also separate each month of movies and series. Anyway, below you’ll find a handful of jobs that will keep you hooked all weekend in front of your TV. To discover the crème de la crème in the catalog, we advise you to consult our top 10 of the best movies on Netflix and our top 10 of the best series on Netflix.

For the younger ones, check out our top 10 of the best cartoons on Netflix. If you’re looking for something specific, use the secret codes to access Netflix’s hidden categories. If you’ve already visited the VOD service, we invite you to take a look at the Amazon Prime Videos catalog.

The best Netflix series to watch this weekend

new cherry flavor

An aspiring director named Lisa Nova comes to Hollywood to work on her film, but plunges into a hallucinatory spiral involving drugs, sex, alcohol and kittens. Inspired by a novel by Todd Grimson published in 1996, Brand New Cherry Flavor is an eight-part horror miniseries that will delight fans of the genre.

Your Kingdom – Season 1

After the mysterious murder of his running mate, a controversial but ultra-popular televangelist becomes Argentina’s presidential candidate. Unfortunately, the man is not a saint and hides dark secrets… He tries his luck in politics while the investigation into the death of his running mate is pressed…

Gone forever (mini-series)

Guillaume Lucchesi (Finnegan Oldfield), lived a tragedy. Before her eyes, her first love and her brother died. 10 years later, Guillaume rebuilt his life. As he prepares to get married, his future wife mysteriously disappears… The keys to his disappearance lie in his past. It is an adaptation of a novel by Harlan Coben, one of the masters of American thrillers.

The best movies to watch this weekend on Netflix


Beckett, an American tourist traveling to Greece, has a serious car accident. Despite himself, this lambda man finds himself involved in a dangerous political plot. To survive, he must flee.

The world is Yours

François is determined: he will abandon drug trafficking and become Mr. Freeze’s official distributor in the Maghreb. Unfortunately, your mother spent all her savings. So he accepts one last drug deal. This French film stars Karim Leklou and Isabelle Adjani.

Ocean 8

The female version of Ocean’s Eleven is coming to Netflix! In this spin-off, Debbie Ocean, Danny Ocean’s sister, embarks on a daring and clever robbery. To be reserved for fans of the saga.

The complete list of Netflix news for the week and the weekend

  • Valeria – Season 2 (August 13)
  • Beckett (August 13)
  • Your Kingdom – Season 1 (August 13)
  • Gone Forever (mini-series) (August 13)
  • Fast and Furious: Spies Running – Season 5 (August 13)
  • New Cherry Flavor (August 13)
  • The world is yours (August 15)
  • Downton Abbey – The Complete (August 15)
  • Scream Girl (August 15)
  • Ocean 8 (August 15)
  • Hitler and the Atomic Bomb Race (August 15)
  • The other side of the sport: a boxer in hell (August 17)
  • Following the Kardashians – Season 5 (August 17)
  • Black Island (August 18)
  • Diary of an adventure in New York (August 18)
  • So beautiful (August 18)
  • Dennis Nilsen: Memories of an Assassin (August 18)
  • Sweet Girl (August 20)
  • Director (August 20)
  • Movie The Loud House (August 20)
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Netflix: series and movies to watch this weekend


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