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Netflix raises prices in Portugal: prepare the wallet

The measure takes effect from this Thursday, August 12. Netflix subscription becomes more expensive in Portugal, on two of the most popular streaming platform plans in the world.

The news was advanced by the newspaper Expresso, being, however, confirmed by Netflix itself. The base plan maintains the price of € 7.99, but the Standard and Premium plans increase € 1 and € 2 respectively.

New Netflix prices in Portugal:

In short, the “Base” plan allows “good video quality in SD (480p)” on a single device at the same time. The “Standard” has “excellent video quality in Full HD (1080p)” and allows two devices simultaneously. Premium has “superior video quality in Ultra HD (4K) and HDR” and allows you to view content on up to four devices simultaneously.

In a note sent to the Public newspaper, Netflix justifies the increases with the improvements made to the catalog and the service. However, you won’t feel all of these increases right away.

New subscribers feel that it increases immediately

If you are going to subscribe to Netflix now, you will have to deal with the new prices. If you are already a subscriber, it all depends on your billing cycle. You will be notified via email and in the app, and increases will take place in the “next few weeks” for current customers.

It should be remembered that Netflix had already raised prices in the United States in 2020, and in July of this year it also did so in Brazil. For six years in Portugal, it remains to be seen if these increases will keep subscribers loyal, or if many will say goodbye to the most popular “chill” of recent years.

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