Netflix now supports spatial audio on iPhone and iPad

Netflix now supports spatial audio on iPhone and iPad. Currently being implemented, this technology based on Dolby Atmos, and developed by Apple, allows creating a virtual spatialization and restoring a sound environment in an immersive way thanks to algorithms.

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In a press release sent to our colleagues at 9to5Mac, Netflix finally officially announced the deployment of spatial audio (or spatial audio) on all devices running iOS 14 or a beta version of iOS 15.

A few months ago, there had been a rumor that prophesied the arrival of support for Netflix. The broadcast giant formally denied the hallway noise rebroadcast on the web. Eventually, the rumors ended.

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How to enable spatial audio on Netflix with iPhone or iPad?

For those who don’t know, spatial audio is a sound spatialization technology based on Dolby Atmos. Already available on Apple TV + and Apple Music, this technology designed by Apple allows you to create a virtual spatialization when watching a series or movie.

Apple’s algorithms adapt in real time to give the viewer the impression that they are in the middle of the room with characters from your series or movie. According to the Cupertino company, spatial audio makes it possible “Play sounds virtually anywhere in space, creating an immersive sound experience”.

Be careful, to take advantage of this you should use an AirPods Max headset or a pair of AirPods Pro headphones. Once the headphones are in your ears and the Netflix app is open, you’ll need to turn on spatial audio by going to the control center from your iPhone or iPad.

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If the update is already available on your device, a Netflix icon will appear on the left. To activate the option, just click on “Convert to Spatial Stereo”. This feature recently appeared on our iPhone 12 Pro Max on iOS 15. To take advantage of it as quickly as possible, we recommend that you update your Netflix app.

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Source: 9to5Mac

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