Netflix: Job Application List Reveals New Market Strategy

The streaming giant may have a new market strategy to (re)conquer subscribers.

The list of job applications reveals that Netflix is ​​looking for professionals with cloud gaming skills to join its ranks, in a clear indication of the bet it wants to make in this segment.

Netflix wants to launch 50 games in the cloud by the end of this year

Netflix wants to enter the cloud gaming segment Credit@Tumisu/Pixabay

Netflix wants to expand its presence in the cloud gaming segment. And for this we are looking for a professional with knowledge in this field, specifically, having even published this intention on the LinkedIn social network.

This suggests that the streaming giant may have on the horizon the application of a new market strategy to gain (or recover) subscribers, since in recent months it has been losing ground to other platforms such as Disney +.

However, when asked by TechCrunch about its future plans, the platform replied that it is always “looking for new talent to join teams and we are continually exploring new product opportunities to improve our users’ experience.” At this time, we have no further information to share.”

The platform already offers mobile games, but it does not exactly have the most attractive titles and, therefore, has made slow progress in this segment. But it seems that Netflix really wants to bet on the gaming segment and hopes to draw more attention from this community with the launch of 50 cloud games by the end of this year.

On the other hand, according to a study carried out by Research and Markets, by the year 2030, the cloud gaming market should reach 20.94 billion dollars (approximately 21 billion euros). These data suggest that this segment is, at the moment, one of the best business opportunities for players in the market and, apparently, Netflix does not want to be left out of this income.

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Netflix’s cheapest subscription plan doesn’t show ads to kids

However, we already know that Netflix will make available, early next year, a cheaper subscription plan that will be based on the broadcast of advertising. This is bad news for adult users of the platform.

But there is good news for the little ones. Children’s content will not be subject to the transmission of advertising. According to the information released, the producers of children’s content pressured the streaming platform, which ended up giving in and protecting children from being exposed to commercial breaks.

It was also announced that Netflix will not open advertising space in its original series and movies. At least, during the first time the user views this type of content. If you want to repeat the dose, then you will have to visualize the commercial space.

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