Netflix is ​​forced to show a minimum of 20 state channels in Russia

The world’s largest platform for transmission Online movies and series are available in practically every corner of the world. However, to operate in a particular country, it lacks the necessary operating licenses and agreements that, in the case of Russia, oblige the platform to comply with peculiar conditions.

For example, when traveling to another country, even within the European Union, the online catalog of movies and series will be different (something that the Union intends to standardize in the near future). That said, each nation has a certain content catalog, generally different from the one we have in our country of residence.

State TV channels will appear in the Netflix catalog in Russia

Russia: Netflix muss Staatsfernsehen zum Streaming anbieten #TV #Netflix #Russia #Staatsfernsehen #Zensur

– (@WinFuture) December 30, 2021

That is, certain content such as movies and series that we have in Portugal will not be available in Austria, for example. In addition, in several European nations, local authorities urge the platform to allocate a percentage of its catalog to national productions as a way to promote the respective culture and industry.

However, certain states carry this precept further than others. Such is the case of Russia, which, as the publication progresses, WinFuture, based on the report of the The Moscow Times, will force the North American platform to make television channels available to its Russian clients.

This is an unprecedented imposition on the platform. transmission of movies and series that is not alien to the controversies in Russian lands. By the way, the company still recently faced public investigations for alleged violation of the “anti-LGBT” law by committing “gay propaganda” in some of the series in its catalog. Then the publication advanced the case. contraption.

In short, Russia’s TV and internet services regulator Roskomnadzor has imposed an obligation on Netflix to show at least 20 state TV channels. These include the news station NTV, as well as Canal Uno, as well as SPAS, among others.

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Only by obeying these impositions will Netflix be able to continue operating in Russian territory at the dawn of the new year 2022.

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