Netflix has a new strategy to acquire and keep subscribers

THE Netflix will work on new ways to keep current subscribers on your transmission of movies and series, while trying to attract new users. The effort is part of the recent sharp drop in the service’s subscriber base, as well as the introduction of a new cheaper plan, supported by the advertising presented.

At the same time, Netflix has strengthened its gaming platform, or rather, games based on its productions. However, the North American company plans to go further and add a whole new category of content. In fact, like the post deadline the platform can feature a live section with a strong focus on Livestreams.

Live streaming and live content, Netflix’s next bet

‘Black Mirror’ returns to Netflix for a sixth season

— Deadline Hollywood (@DEADLINE) May 16, 2022

The first-hand information that advances the publication deadline report on the development of a new format to debut on Netflix to “capture” the current subscriber base. It will reportedly consist of live, unscripted shows as well as comedy specials. stand.

Thus, we will not only have a sixth season of the Black Mirror series, but also a new, more dynamic format. There will be improvisations on stage and more interaction with the spectators on stage. Thus, we will be able to have the right to the live transmission of comedy specials such as “Netflix Is a Joke Fest”, which had the participation of 300 participants in this festival of stand.

In short, users will be able to see some of the current productions in law, as long as the content justifies it, as well as new productions created with this format in mind. For now, however, it is important to emphasize that this possibility is still in an early stage of development, so there are no certainties.

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Finally, we currently have no information on the possible timing or availability of said Netflix format.

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