Netflix, Disney +: the French learn English better thanks to streaming than at school

A survey conducted by YouGov suggests that 56% of French people believe they learn English better by watching series and films on Netflix, Disney + or other streaming platforms than at school. In addition, 40% of them say that they have never used English for schooling as adults.

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This is a study that may well cringe in the National Education. Indeed, the specialist in language and intercultural communication Bertlitz France Licorne has just published a survey, in partnership with YouGov, conducted on more than 1010 people representative of the French population. It was about language learning.

One of the most intriguing results remains this obviously: for 56% of respondents, streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney + or Amazon Prime Video represent the best way to learn English, far behind the lessons during the school curriculum. This feeling is increased tenfold among 18/24 year olds who are 77% to estimate that they learn English better by watching films and series in their original version on streaming services. Another eloquent figure, 40% of those surveyed said that English for school was of no use to them during their adulthood.

As the survey specifies, several reasons can explain this trend. In the first place, the ubiquity of English in our lives (whether in public space, on TV, on the internet, in the press, video games, etc.) makes learning easier, more fun, more natural. Another point, the survey also specifies that social networks like TikTok, Twitter or Instagram remain the main source of learning English for 18/24 year olds.

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Streaming and social media are the best ways to learn English for French people

Even if streaming platforms also remain for them the best way to learn English, 70% of 18/24 year olds still report social networks as one of the three best channels through which they learn English. ”, details the study. It must be said that social networks greatly facilitate exchanges with people from all over the world, what better way to practice, especially when traveling is so complicated in this time of health crisis.

On a global scale, 38% of respondents share this position. Then, 50% think that TV helps them to master English more, 42% through print and digital media and 25% through video games. And you, what is your opinion on the subject? Tell us in the comments.

Source: Le Figaro

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