Netflix debuts a new, more fluid design for its iPhone app

Netflix debuts a new, more fluid design for its iPhone app

Improving the user experience remains an important part of Netflix’s fight to reduce customer churn.

Today, Netflix has updated its iPhone app with a revamped interface including a new homepage design, new card transitions, new animations for the home and profile screens, updated haptics, and much more.

Netflix’s Janum Trivedi tweeted about the update along with a video showing off the new version of the app. Netflix wanted the app “on the outside smoother, prettier and more polished.”

When iPhone users open the Netflix app, they see a large card of a movie or TV show taking up most of the screen. This billboard design is made to promote a suggested title that is available on the streaming service.

The interesting thing about the update is that the card now uses the parallax effect, which is when the wallpaper moves or changes slightly when an iPhone user tilts the device back and forth.

Additionally, title cards are now surrounded by a colored border, which is the main color in movie/series art.

It also looks like the “Info” tab at the bottom of the card has been removed. Instead, users can simply click on the card, which will take them to a separate page with information about the series or movie.

Previously, the transition between cards was less smooth in the app. When a title was selected, the information section would simply slide up. With the new transition, the card is enlarged and the information opens in full screen.

Another cool update is the profile screen animation. Instead of the classic side-swipe action that occurred when a user switched profiles in the old app, users will see the profile icon grow when it jumps to the center, then shrinks to full size and jumps to the top-right corner of the page.


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