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Netanyahu reminds that the war will continue as long as the government decides to release hostages

Netanyahu reminds that the war will continue as long as the government decides to release hostages

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called a meeting of both the War Cabinet and the entire government this Tuesday to address the “release of hostages,” although he assured that the war would continue “until we achieve all of our objectives and destroyed Hamas.” .”

“I hope there will be good news soon,” Netanyahu said in a statement released by his office, as rumors grow of an impending deal with the Islamist group Hamas to release a group of hostages in exchange for Palestinian prisoners and a ceasefire . temporary fire.

The President first called a meeting with the War Cabinet at 6:00 p.m. Israeli time (16:00 GMT), then with the Political and Security Cabinet at 7:00 p.m. (17:00 GMT), and finally with the entire government at 20:00 (18:00 GMT).

These meetings were called “in view of developments related to the release of hostages,” the statement said.

Israeli media believes that the reason for these meetings is to give the necessary government approval to the agreement being negotiated between the United States, Egypt and Qatar.

“We are making progress. “I don’t think it’s worth saying too much, even at this moment,” Netanyahu said today at a meeting with soldiers regarding the possible release of hostages.

Qatari Foreign Ministry spokesman Majed al Ansari said during a press conference today that “the hostage exchange agreement between Hamas and Israel is close. Only some logistical and non-essential details are missing so that it can be solved.

Egyptian security sources told EFE today that the agreement would include a temporary five-day ceasefire during which 50 hostages held by Hamas would be released in exchange for 300 Palestinian prisoners in Israel.

The sources also stated that those released would be children and women and that their release “will be gradual, at a rate of 10 Israeli prisoners per day compared to 30 Palestinian prisoners.”

They also stressed that the pact will allow 300 trucks carrying food, medical supplies and fuel to enter the Gaza Strip.

The head of Hamas’ political wing, Ismail Haniyeh, who lives in exile in Qatar, reiterated this Tuesday that the group is close to reaching a ceasefire agreement with Israel, after a month and a half of war that has claimed more than 14,500 lives, the vast majority of them in Gaza.

Israel declared war on Hamas on Oct. 7 following an attack by the Islamist group that included rocket fire and the infiltration of about 3,000 militants who brutally killed about 1,200 people and kidnapped more than 240 in Israeli communities near the Gaza Strip. Ribbon.

Israel’s air, sea and land forces have since launched a counterattack on the Palestinian enclave, where there are already more than 13,300 dead, most of them children and women, and more than 6,500 missing who may lie under the rubble, according to the figure the death toll will be even higher.

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