Home Tech Nestflix: This site parodies Netflix to perfection with imaginary movies and series

Nestflix: This site parodies Netflix to perfection with imaginary movies and series

Nestflix, a completely new type of platform, offers the possibility to find all fiction films and series created especially for a real cinematographic work. Itchy and Scratchy, Titanic 2, Good Will Hunting 2… If it doesn’t let you see all these parody snippets, the site is a good rejection of classic streaming services.


Imagine entering a parallel universe where all the series and movies you know are replaced by series and movies from those series and movies. Not very clear? Instead, let’s explain it this way: Nestflix is ​​to Netflix what Inception is to dreams. Instead of offering jobs for television or movies, Nestflix lists them all fictitious programs created especially for the latter

In other words, instead of offering The Simpsons in their catalog, the service offers Itchy and Scratchy. And that is far from being the only option. The site lists many, many spoof (or otherwise) works taken from real movies. As she describes herself, Nestflix is ​​like that “The platform for your favorite nested movies and shows”. Created by web designer Lynn Fisher, this is a success in her true masterstroke in copying almost perfectly its first inspiration – namely, Netflix.

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A Netflix of fiction films and series

In fact, we found all the fundamentals present on all popular streaming platforms. The presentation is similar to Netflix, you can search for your favorite content, and the dedicated page still offers a lot of related information. Thus, we find the movie or series from which the fake content was taken, the cast (eg Al Gore, who appears in Titanic 2 for the Family Guy episode) and the air dates. Lynn Fischer even had fun adding a fake profile page, who simply thanks you for your visit.

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I just regret it, it seems Unable to watch these broadcasts. Certainly for copyright reasons, the platform simply displays some screenshots of the work in question. Not forgetting to offer similar content, just to spend hours and hours rummaging through the huge catalog. If, however, you don’t find what you’re looking for, know that the site is collaborative : anyone can add their own movie or their own fiction series.

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