Nerves in Athletic after constant recital by Julen Jon Guerrero in SD Amorebieta

In Ibaigane’s offices they begin to panic at the radical turn in the footballer’s situation, a priority objective for next summer

The strategy that Athletic had outlined with Julen Jon Guerrero has changed radically. His loan to SD Amorebieta, last winter market, has caused the player to be exposed to the media spotlight every weekend. His performance is arousing the interest of many teams.

But not only from the teams that want to sign him. Real Madrid himself could be changing his attitude towards the player. Perhaps instead of so many unknown Brazilians, it’s time to really bet on a player trained in the house. The fact is that Athletic must go on the attack with Julen Jon Guerrero. Or she’s going to run away.

The worst possible scenario for Athletic with Julen Jon

Julen Jon Guerrero’s recitals complicate Athletic

Because Athletic’s plan with Julen Jon Guerrero was to wait for Real Madrid itself to get tired. As they do with all the homegrown players in the white club, the player would end up asking for his departure. However, last January, Real Madrid made the decision to expose the son of Julen Guerrero.

SD Amorebieta, who returned to the First RFEF after his brief stint in professional football, requested the loan of the young player from Real Madrid. Now, instead of playing with the Real Madrid youth away from the media spotlight, he plays in Primera RFEF and his matches are televised.

competition skyrockets

In just 7 games, where he has still only started twice, Julen Jon Guerrero has already scored 3 goals. He caught Amorebieta in sixth position and is now second. They are on their way to fight for promotion and the footballer’s value grows with each game. Athletic is going to have a lot of problems as long as they don’t make a move for Julen Jon Guerrero.

Because Real Madrid can claim it for Castilla for next year. And Real Sociedad and Osasuna have already been seen to be very aware of the player’s evolution. If Athletic is clear about it, they must make an offer before it is too late. Such a talent cannot escape him.

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