Nepal plane crash: Flight attendant’s pre-crash video

Nepal plane crash: Flight attendant's pre-crash video

An ill-fated passenger plane crashed near Pokhara International Airport in Nepal, as a result of which 72 passengers lost their lives.

A Tik Tok video of the flight attendant in the plane before the take off has come out.

Flight attendant Ocean Ali, also a popular Nepalese tuk-tukker, was among the four cabin crew killed in the fatal crash.

In a video that has gone viral on social media, air hostesses are seen smiling and posing on the plane.

Daughter said don’t go today, father flight attendant

According to reports, Ocean’s father said that on the day of the accident, on the occasion of the festival, he told his daughter not to go to work today.

The flight attendant’s father said that the daughter replied to me that she would complete 2 flights and return home to celebrate the festival.

According to Indian media, the deceased Ocean was the eldest daughter of 4 siblings, while she was married 2 years ago.