Neney Cabrera affirms special brigades are working to restore services

Neney Cabrera afirma brigadas especiales trabajan para restablecer servicios

The government is working to restore supply of electricity and drinking water in this main municipality of La Romana and in Villa Hermosa, affected by Hurricane Fiona.

The Minister in charge of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (Propeep) Neney Cabrera affirmed that special brigadesreinforced are working so that these services are fully restored no later than Monday.

The official indicated that the municipality of Guaymate will take a little longerfor the number of electricity poles that were knocked down and added that it is necessary to restore them.

Cabrera stated that Edeeste technicians are working hard to restore the service and that he understands that in no more than ten days it will be fully restored.

In relation to the supply of drinking water, the minister said that at the beginning of next week it will be enabled throughout the province.

"We are going to decontaminate the waters of the Chavón River that are sedimented, in order to restore the supply"he expressed.

DebrisMinister Cabrera spoke as he left a debris collection operation under way with the municipal and provincial authorities, for which 30 collection trucks were assigned, there are mechanical shovels and dozens of workersstationed in the different municipalities, in order to remove the waste left by the atmospheric phenomenon from the roads.

Tour with the First Lady
After the opening of the operation, Minister Cabrera and First Lady Raquel Arbaje, who brought aid to those affected by Fiona in La Romana, moved to the Guaymate municipality, to also start the reconstruction work on at least 350 houses destroyed by the hurricane in that demarcation.

For the whole day, workers worked to restore the electrical service, which completely collapsed, although the authorities are working on the transmission line and rehabilitation.

From very early on, collaborators and teams from Propeep, the mayor’s offices and other State institutions, accompany the workers of the city councils of La Romana, Guaymate, Villa Hermosa and Caleta with the aim of advancing in the collection of waste.

The president of the Presidential Commission for Neighborhood Development, Rolfi Rojas, also participated in the meeting, who reported that starting tomorrow they will begin an extensive program to rebuild the roofs of the houses affected by the hurricane in Guaymate.


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