Nelson Javier shares the message that makes him think that having one foot less “is minimal”

After the amputation of his right foot in 2019, the veteran communicator Nelson Javier (The Crocodile) He found in a rehabilitation center in Florida, where he receives his therapies, the motivation to think that his disability is minimal compared to the conditions of others.

“El Cocodrilo” shared the message of two of his colleagues with several amputations and who have transmitted optimism to him in the midst of his situation.

“I learned that nothing is difficult, that even if this leg is missing, look at the greatness that man lives,” said Nelson Javier, pointing to one of his friends, in a video posted on his Instagram account.

“Nothing is impossible, you just have to believe that you can, you just have to remember that there will be difficult and good days, but every day will be better for you, if you believe it and work for it, if you don’t give up and don’t stop” said a man who is missing one hand and two legs and runs with the help of a prosthesis.

While Colombian José Manuel Ortega, who is a Paralympic athlete and national champion in discus and javelin throwing with just one leg, said he was delighted to meet people like Nelson Javier.

“That is the important thing. Such is life, this leg that Nelson Javier is missing is something minimal for them who are giants”, the Dominican announcer said goodbye.

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