Nelson Cruz does not plan to walk away from baseball even after retirement

Dominican player Nelson Cruz indicated this Thursday on the Tenchy Rodríguez Deportes program that he does not think about leaving baseball and believes that he can contribute from the offices.

Cruz, who is 41 years old, stressed that it is difficult for many people to say goodbye to baseball and that is why he does not rule out being part of a group from the operations offices.

The native of Las Matas de Santa Cruz is currently in free agency, but he is preparing hard for when the teams and the players’ union can stop work and get a signing.

Cruz is coming off hitting 32 home runs playing for Minnesota and Tampa Bay, but that’s not all, he assured that he has goals yet to be met.

With the Tampa Bay Rays, he comes from spending very pleasant moments, revealing that he had very good relations with manager Rocco Baldelli, who was instructing him at one point on how to handle the responsibilities of a manager. Therefore, Cruz began to show interest in the managerial or operational field.

However, Cruz has not shown signs of weakness or fatigue despite his 41 years, on the contrary he wants to continue dishing out hits in the Major Leagues and for that he has prepared very well to continue.

The winner of the Roberto Clemente and Mmuhammad ali awards, recommended that young ballplayers manage the English language at an early age, as this is good for them for several reasons; One of these is the commercial film, which can turn a baseball player into a drinkable commercial figure.

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