Neha Kakkar’s phone battery suddenly drained, the singer gave such a reaction, viral photo

Famous Bollywood singer Neha Kakkar has a special identity in the industry. Neha Kakkar is one of those singers, who has achieved this position thanks to her hard work. Neha Kakkar lives a life of luxury today. Neha Kakkar is also a social media sensation.

In fact, in the midst of his busy schedule, Neha Kakkar does not forget to spend time with his fans. Neha is very active on social media and keeps sharing her new photos and videos every day. Not long ago, Neha shared some of the latest images on her Instagram account.

While in the first photo, Neha looks sad holding the phone in her hands holding her hair, while in the second photo, Neha is seen touching the phone while making a crying face. Neha has also shared a funny caption with these photos. Neha Kakkar has written in her title: Me while reading your comments, but suddenly the battery dies! (I’m reading your comments and suddenly the phone’s battery drains) …

This post by Neha Kakkar is also liking her fans. Neha looks very cute in these photos. This singer’s post is getting more and more viral. This photo shared some time ago has gone viral on social networks and so far more than 3,000 likes have been received. Neha fans are constantly commenting on this post of hers. We tell you that, apart from his songs, Neha Kakkar is always in the headlines of his personal life. Neha surprised everyone last year by marrying Rohanpreet Singh all of a sudden. Recently, on October 24, Neha Kakkar celebrated the first anniversary of her marriage with great pomp.

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