Neena Gupta asked Gulzar Sahab for a skirt to play tennis, know the story

This final week of the popular Amitabh Bachchan megastar Kaun Banega Crorepati Q&A show continues. On this occasion, special guests flock to his show throughout the week and tell funny anecdotes and stories with Big B. Thursday’s episode will see famous movie couple Badhaai Ho, actress Neena Gupta and actor Gajraj. Rao, with whom there will be a lot of fun on the show. During this, Neena Gupta shared an anecdote related to the famous poet Gulzar Sahab when he was very scolded for asking for a skirt to play tennis.

We all know that Amitabh Bachchan asks many interesting things and questions with the guests who come to KBC. During this, when he asked Neena Gupta the story of her playing tennis, the actress told this funny story. Neena Gupta said that Gulzar Sahib was very fond of tennis and that he always played in Andheri. Nina said: “One day I told him that I wanted to play tennis too, then he said come on, after that he started picking me up and dropping me off every morning. I used to get tired in half an hour but he played a lot. Well. So a I told him one day that if someone is going to go out, sir, I have to wear a tennis skirt like the one Martina wears while playing. About this. “

In this Neena Gupta story, everyone who came to the show laughed. Even Amitabh himself couldn’t stop laughing. This episode will air on Thursday night. In this, Gajraj Rao has also told many interesting stories. At the same time, Neena Gupta will also be seen asking a lot of Q&A with Amitabh.

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