Nedis robot vacuum review: Cheap 3-in-1 smart vacuum

Many users are increasingly looking to buy a robot vacuum cleaner to help with housework. But not everyone wants to pay a hefty amount to do it. Fortunately, there are options on the market that guarantee a certain quality, without affecting our pocket too much.

is the case of Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner🇧🇷 it is a 3 in 1 smart vacuum cleanerthat in addition to vacuuming, it also sweeps and can even mop the floor.

Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

When we look at such a product, we immediately think that it is necessary to pay a lot. But in this case we managed to have it with a recommended retail price of only €149.99 in Portugal (see end of article).

During the last weeks I had the opportunity to try this product and I can tell you that, for the price it costs, I was very satisfied. Here is my opinion and conclusion about it.

nedis robot vacuum cleaner

Main features of the Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • 3 in 1: sweep, vacuum and wash floors
  • Includes garbage and water tanks
  • Navigation can be random, zigzag, by points or in corners
  • Multiple cleaning modes: automatic for general cleaning, “edge” for corner cleaning, “spot” for small area cleaning
  • Two corner cleaning brushes
  • Built-in advanced sensors to avoid obstacles and falls
  • Can penetrate door thresholds or carpets up to 15mm high
  • 1400pa powerful motor, for cleaning floors or carpets
  • With a low profile design, it easily goes under furniture and tight spaces.
  • 3 layers of dust filtration capture up to 99.5% of small dust mites, particles and allergens
  • Automatically returns to base when cleaning is complete or when it needs to be charged

My opinion on the Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

At the recommended price of €149.99, we immediately realized that this is an entry-level vacuum. But considering how many features it already has, it surprises on the plus side.

Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It is always good to emphasize that this is a vacuum cleaner with Wi-Fi connection🇧🇷 In this way it can be fully controlled through the Nedis SmartLife App🇧🇷 After unpacking it and connecting it to the base, it is a very simple configuration.

Control your Nedis vacuum cleaner remotely or with voice commands

The app is available for android Y iOS, and basically lets you know everything about your vacuum in any corner of the world. This obviously includes putting you to work remotely.

In this app you can access battery data, cleaning hours and have it clean in the modes mentioned above (spiral, follow walls or random, for example).

The appearance of the Nedis SmartLife app (available for iOS and Android)
The appearance of the Nedis SmartLife app (available for iOS and Android)

It is also through the app that you can create a schedule, so that it starts vacuuming at a certain time. And you can even be notified when it happens.

It hasn’t been mentioned yet, but this could also be voice controlled via google Assistant or Amazon Alexa🇧🇷 Simply make the association in the Nedis SmartLife app and it can be controlled via virtual assistants.

You shouldn’t expect very deep data, like in more expensive devices. If you’re hoping for something that can do detailed mapping of your home, you’ll have to go for more expensive models, like Nedis itself, which features laser navigation.

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Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

It should be noted that we have a 0.2 liter waste tank, which may be small for some users. This is because it has a 0.23 liter water tank. These work independently.

Autonomy for 90 minutes will not disappoint you

with a battery 2500mah, this intelligent robot from Nedis has a autonomy that I consider excellent for the price. There are 90 minutes, which will easily be enough to vacuum small to medium-sized apartments. But of course, if the cleanup isn’t complete, it returns to base, recharges, and is ready for the next task.

With a suction power 1400pa, you will not have problems vacuuming smooth surfaces. I also didn’t see any problems vacuuming my living room carpet, which can outperform carpets up to 15mm high.

Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

If you choose to do the so-called cleaning with a mop, you will have to place it and also add water to the tank for this purpose. And in that case you should avoid having carpets so that everything works perfectly.

In the box you will find the vacuum cleaner, the 200 ml waste tank and the 230 ml water tank. In addition, we have 2 side brushes, a charging station, a transformer, a remote control, a cleaning brush and a HEPA filter.

As I said above, one of the included accessories is a remote control. This means that if you don’t want to use the app, you can use that remote to easily control your vacuum around the house.

Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Conclusion on the Nedis robot vacuum cleaner

With the ability to sweep, vacuum or mop (wash) your home, it’s hard to find better for the price of €149.99🇧🇷 And this can be done while you’re doing other housework, or even when you’re not, since it can be controlled remotely.

Easily connects to home Wi-Fi and can be controlled from the Nedis SmartLife App or by means of the control included in the box. You can also control it with your voice, associating it with the Alexa or Google assistant🇧🇷

The suction power of 1400pa, it is effective in various types of soils. And when you add water, scrub the floor with the included mop. Infrared sensors allow you to avoid obstacles and possible falls.

Nedis Robot Vacuum Cleaner
The Nedis robot vacuum returns to the base

The 90-minute runtime means you simply don’t have to worry about runtime. You can’t expect mapping of your home on this model, but the more expensive Nedis model manages to do just that.

Nedis Robot Vacuum Price and Availability

For less than €150, it is clearly a very valid option to help you with your homework. For anyone looking to purchase their first smart vacuum, this is a product I highly recommend.

This and other Nedis products are distributed in Portugal by sevenex🇧🇷 For more information about this vacuum cleaner and other Nedis products, see for more information.

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