Neck, Mendy and Ricky are recognized for their outstanding careers

Three great ones who have left their mark in their respective functions within the sports chronicle were recognized by the Association of Sports Writers at their award ceremony this Wednesday.

Ramón Cuello Segura, former president of the worthy entity; as well as the magnificent narrators Mendy López and Ricky Noboa received such a high distinction.

Neck, who for 14 years was at the head of the ACD and who is considered among its best presidents, was recognized for his long career in sports reporting, mainly in his years as sports sub-editor of the newspaper Listín Diario.

He had begun his walks in the chronicle in the now-defunct El Sol and has always been distinguished by his critical pen, both in sports and in entertainment, whose column Echando Párrafos has been a must-read.

For many years the Compinche de la Mañana has had its program, which emerged in the early 90’s.

On his side, Mendy has been a master of narration for many years, being for a long time one of the privileged voices of the Aguilas Cibaeñas. His phrase Lllliinnddoo strike is one of the most enchanting.

He greatly thanked the ACD for this distinction, which he receives with great pride and from which he hopes to continue providing great work.

While Noboa also has an extensive career, working in the main broadcasts of Major League Baseball and the local pastime. Currently he is one of the narrators of the Cibao Giants.

His great style is appreciated by many, as well as the nicknames he gives to a large part of the players, mainly those of the team for which he works.

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He showed his eternal gratitude to the ACD for this recognition and hopes to continue forging Dominican sports, just as he did from his position as National Baseball Commissioner.

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