“Nearly a billion euros will be devoted to biodiversity in 2024”, announces Elisabeth Borne

The government will bring “nearly a billion euros” in 2024 its funding dedicated to biodiversity, announced Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne on Wednesday 12 July. “I am announcing that 264 million euros of additional credits will be devoted to biodiversity from next year”declared the head of government at the opening of the National Council for Ecological Transition.

These credits devoted to the preservation of ecosystems “are added to the 300 million euros of the wasteland fund and to the credits of the renaturation fund, perpetuated within the Green Fund”as well as an unspecified part of the 475 million additional credits allocated to the water agencies announced on March 30 as part of the Water Plan.

“A total of nearly one billion euros will therefore be devoted to biodiversity in 2024.”

Elisabeth Borne, Prime Minister

at the opening of the National Council for Ecological Transition

“Wetlands, forests, soils, seas and coasts: we will deploy actions on all degraded ecosystems, including 50,000 hectares of wetlands”she continued, recalling the presidential commitment to plant “a billion trees”.

This announcement precedes the expected presentation of the draft third national biodiversity strategy (SNB) of France, currently being developed, two years late and after the failure of the two previous ones.

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