NBA results: matches and summary for today, January 1


The Pelicans, exhausted at the end of the year, fell on the visit to Memphis. Duel of young and hungry teams in the West in which two players of the same generation, Ja Morant and Zion Williamson, were measured, from which the Grizzlies emerged victorious. Without Aldama, reserved due to an ankle injury, the locals gave the final blow when they needed it and closed well at home, where they have only lost three times this season, the calendar year. A Spaniard did play on the opposite side: Willy Hernang√≥mez took advantage of Nance’s loss and Valanciunas’ foul problems to take on 17 minutes in which he contributed 11 points. Morant, with 32 goals, was the most decisive player of the match. This result ends the Pels’ five-game winning streak and now leaves them behind the Grizz in the conference standings led by Denver.

JAZZ 123 – HEAT 126

With the score tied and the ball kicked off, the ball went into the hands of Tyler Herro, who astutely walked the court from side to side and didn’t let go until he made sure he was shooting and that the shot, a running triple, left the Heat with the win in their possession in Salt Lake City. It was the outcome of the last NBA game played in 2022. A beautiful duel with a leading role for Adebayo (32), Markkanen (29), Oladipo (23), Clarkson (22) or Herro himself. Tyler was a poor 2/10 on 3s when he decided to tackle the last one, on the buzzer, to win. And changed dynamics after this: Miami is on a positive balance and Utah, on the contrary.


Myles Turner finished his game against the Clippers with 34 points, but it was Tyler Haliburton who was especially decisive, scoring 14 of his 24 in the last four minutes. The result was squeezed by Paul George, who was returning to the tracks and worked tirelessly until he reached 45 points but not victory. Indiana Pacers has caught the fresh air again: five victories out of six possible.


DeRozan (21) had the Bulls’ victory in his hands, but he was not successful in the same way that he did on this same date a year ago. He ran into the forward and the rest of his team with a Cavaliers who speculated too much at the end, scoring just one basket in the final four minutes. LeVert (23) was the top scorer of the match. For Cleveland this means closing a gap of three straight games without knowing what it is to win.

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HORNETS 106 – NETS 123

Irving (28) led the Nets so that they left Charlotte with a new victory. There are eleven in a row and fifteen of the last sixteen. They have come up since the dismissal of Nash and the off-sport problems of Kyrie himself. Durant (23) also helped at the home of the Hornets. They seem very comfortable this last month and, although the rival has dropped benefits, it is interesting to check the accredited percentage in field goals.


The Knicks don’t stop either. And without Jalen Brunson, their brand new summer signing, on the track, which is a litmus test for them. Randle (35) or Quickley (27), without excellent shooting statistics, were used to make possible the victory in Houston and return to the same path after five falls. The Texans continue with only ten in 36 games played. Garuba, with 5 points and 8 rebounds in 20 minutes; Porter, with 23+10+8.


Harris (23) numerically led the Sixers in the win at Oklahoma. It was not Embiid, who credited a triple-double, nor was it Harden or Maxey, because they did not play the game. The Thunder’s bad percentages weighed down an almost decided match from the first quarter, where the distance was already close to twenty.


Bogdanovic (28) was one of the workers in the surprising victory of the Pistons in Minneapolis. One of the worst teams in the League, weighing down one of those who wants to grow and has not yet found a way to do so. Seven visitors in double figures. Gobert was inoperative, with no news there, on the other side.


The last game of 2022 confirms the trend of Luka Doncic: he is at a level where nobody can beat him. The Spurs battled and didn’t beat him either. Read the chronicle.

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