NBA Coach Challenge: How many are there per game and how do they work?

Incorporated in the 2019-20 season, each coach has a Coach Challenge by party, although this does not work as in European basketball, since in the event that the arbitration action was wrong, the coach of the team that requested it does not recover it. Therefore, it’s only one per game, no matter what happens in the review.

A coach may request a review of a play, but only in certain situations: fouls called against his team (if there was no foul or the referees made a mistake when pointing it out to a player), you were out of band or background and in the illegal plugs or goaltending. A coach cannot request a review of a foul that has not been called. The final decision will be made by the main referee, in the case of foul reviews, and the referee of the replay center in the rest of the cases.

The procedure is simple. The Coach Challenge must be requested in a dead time. The coach who wants the review of a play must turn the finger pointing to one of the referees.

Mike D’Antoni, the pioneer

Mike D’Antonithen coach of the Houston Rockets, was the first to use Coach Challenge. He did it in the game that his team played against the Los Angeles Clippers on October 4, 2019, during the preseason. He requested the review of an attacking foul assigned to James Harden, but the referees did not agree with him and the decision was upheld.

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