Nayib Bukele reiterates that the dollar will collapse and affect the West

El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele recently predicted the demise of the dollar and Western civilization.

He also classified the financial structure of the White House as a farce. After her economic system, which consists of printing banknotes without backing, she warned the US government that this would bring down the dollar and the West.

During his speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on February 22, the Salvadoran president said that it is not the taxes paid by citizens that finance the United States government, but “the money it prints out of thin air.”

He warned that Washington’s financial mechanism was a real problem and reiterated that it was not high taxes that were hurting the economy. If not, then the unlimited money problem that arises out of nowhere.

If the world experiences this “farce,” the dollar will collapse and take Western civilization with it, the president said.

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