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Nawazuddin’s power in Haddi trailer

Zayed Khan is furious with YouTubers at home

After returning home, Zayed Khan got angry with YouTubers at the airport. He became agitated by expressing his anger.

Zayed Khan returned home from the United Arab Emirates this morning. The actor landed at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport on Thursday morning.

YouTubers were waiting. When they saw Zayed, they surrounded him. At one point he got angry after hearing a question.

A journalist asked him at the airport: “How are you getting beautiful every day?” Zayed Khan replied: “Your prayers, love and five times prayer.”

The actor was asked, “You don’t have a movie.” How can you still participate in so many discussions? To that question, the two-time former Secretary General of the Film Artists Association replied: “I don’t have a film, who told you that? Did you do ‘Sonar Char’?”

After that, the journalist corrected and said again: “You don’t have a film for many days…” Then Zayed Khan said: “Yes, you can say that.” My film is not released for many days.

I’ve finished working on Bahaduri and finished dubbing Sonar Char. They will be published soon. And I keep talking because you keep talking.

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