Navarro: “Next year? I only care about this season.”

Ibon Navarro appeared before the media to analyze the visit to Baskonia, a very difficult match for a very disappointing Unicaja team that faces the end of the season with almost no goals. The green coach claims not to think about his future and the credit that is played in the last stakes. “Next season? I only care about this season,” he stated.

Complicated match against Baskonia: “It’s a very complicated game on a physical level due to the difficulties that Baskonia is going to pose for us. It will surely cause us the problems of physically competing with them in volume and size. We are going to try to use other weapons different from them, play more in the open field, less 5 against 5, trying to control very dangerous players, with their big ones running. They have Baldwin, shooters, Fontecchio, who can shoot and run… We’ll try a game in the open field and with a very high pace”.

Little at stake for Unicaja: “Not being pessimistic or negative, we still have two games left at home against teams that are fighting to play the playoffs, very demanding. They are opportunities to compete against higher level teams because of what they have shown during the season. We have to focus on that, try forget what has been done, to be below, that this is a disaster… This is what it is. There are four games left, we would like the fans to support us. They must know that we notice them a lot when they help us, those who come know that they will be with us”.

Next season: “Next season I don’t know who will be, who won’t be. All I care about is this season. This club has everything to be where they were if they do things right. It does not guarantee you anything, the competitiveness in the ACB is extremely high. I don’t remember anything like it. There are projects of three or four years with continuity that are ahead and that is how it is. You can hitch a ride on that wagon. It’s independent, but I’m focused on now, in this press conference, now in training… There are four games, I’m disassociating what happens this season from next year. I completely disassociate myself from what will happen next season.”

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Reunion with Spahija: ”It’s been many years playing for other clubs and teams against Baskonia. It is more special in Vitoria, when you see people, family and friends and you are in the hotel receiving. And in recent years it couldn’t even be with Covid. I have a friendship with Neven Spahija, I was his assistant and he taught me a lot. We haven’t talked much either. We will give each other a hug, we will wish each other luck and we will talk quietly”.

Baldwin’s fitness: “He is a player with a very high physical level and talent and quality, one of the 4-5 most decisive players in Europe. We have tried to prepare something, but now they play all in one. There is no selfishness, they find easy and open shots. They play very simple and they generate advantages. You can get Baldwin to pass the ball, but it doesn’t guarantee success on defense. There’s a lot of quality, at the level of concentration you have to work to recognize situations. They find their shooters good”.

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