Navarro: “Girona, above all, is a team of Aíto”

How have you coped these days? “We have taken advantage of this week to load a little, more physical work at first and then lifting our feet to get to the game on Sunday, we have three games in seven days. We had a scare with Darío three days ago, with that sprained ankle. Yesterday he did part of training with good feelings, we hope that he can do 80% of today’s training so that he can be with the team without problems. The rest, all good.”

Need to win thinking about the Cup. “We are on matchday 3, there is the same urgency as before starting. We don’t have parties that, let’s say, are thrown away. We have to go the same to Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Girona. Girona is a good team, it’s their second home game, the first was with Madrid. It’s going to get us into trouble. The next game at home is against Dijon and then at home it’s against a team that beat us in the Copa Andalucía, Betis. There are no more or less important games. More than thinking about the Copa del Rey, we must prepare to continue building and growing. That’s why this week has been good for us. The work is being good, we continue on that path. We are still under construction.”

Girona does not know the victory. “To speak of zero victories on matchday 3… They played with Real Madrid, on the leader’s pitch, Lenovo Tenerife, and on a very complicated pitch, Santiago. You have to contextualize the number of victories. Above all, it is an Aito team. The players will improve day by day. It is building, it has good players. Like all of Aíto’s teams, in the end one day everything will fall into place and from then on it will be a very difficult team to defend and difficult to attack. It’s a matter of time. Players grow from confidence, from simple play with lots of details. Knowing the entity of the players, who mix with a lot of experience and a lot of future. We are going to go with a lot of respect, but knowing that we have to win”.

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Good image against Real Madrid. “Any team is capable of giving extra energy in a home game with a full pavilion against Madrid. You have to prolong it. We cannot do something at home and not outside. We must be the same team. It is not something punctual. There are players in Girona who are new to the League, we also have new ones who will not know Josep Franch, will not have played against Marc Gasol and will not know who Fjellerup is. It goes more out there than to motivate, we are at a point of building ourselves more”.

About Girona. “He scores a lot after recovery and they are the second team in the League in recoveries. Playing at home they will have an extra energy. Easy transition points we cannot concede. Marc Gasol conditions the game a lot, for scoring and for being a base in the position of five. There is energy from the youth; the pick and roll of Colom and Franch, they are very talented players, like Miletic or Prkacin. They are growing and building. As soon as the pieces fit together they will be dangerous, unpredictable. And it will pass sooner rather than later by the figure of Aíto. Apart from the talent of the players and the team idea they have. It is constantly growing.”

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