Home Sports Navarro and Chingotto ask for a rematch against Tapia and Coello

Navarro and Chingotto ask for a rematch against Tapia and Coello

Navarro and Chingotto ask for a rematch against Tapia and Coello

The high level paddle tennis has a circus point, between magic and the incredible walk through the heights of the tightrope walker without a net. The semifinals of the P-1 at the Madrid Arena yesterday is a good test, because the four matches sparked admiration with the winners being so for more continuous performance. There will be revenge of Rome in men, but not in women.

Chingotto and Paquito Navarro began losing to Sanyo and Momo González (6-7), reacted like possessed (6-1) and delivered from the start in the third set, they were able to overcome the bad start (0-3), draw (3-3) and then take advantage of Momo’s physical decline to win 6-3.

They repeat the final against Tapia and Coello, who were on the ropes against an immense Maxi Sánchez and a Capra who pulls rabbits out of his hat. What happens is that the consistency of Tapia, although he is not on his best day, and the reach of Coello exert such pressure that they destroy anyone: 3-6, 6-2 and 7-5, with the losers with options of having won a great game, one of those that are remembered for years among fans commenting on the way in which Tapia lifted impossible balls, or Maxi’s off-court exits, taking the ball from the opposite side. Or the improbable actions of Capra, or the intimidation of Coello.

This week, during Chingotto’s visit to the AS Newsroom, he made a bold prediction, that in Madrid the same couple did not win as in Rome due to track conditions, adaptation, and other technical considerations. Now it is up to him to make good his prediction in the third final of the year that he is playing alongside Paquito Navarro, who is recovering the best version of him “because playing alongside Fede is very easy,” he says, while Tapia admitted that with the fatigue that he drags “both physically and psychologically, it is difficult to enter the track with enthusiasm”, and the Argentine said that yesterday he asked Coello for help: “I told him, pull me; then you see him by your side, and you can’t let go”.

In women, a rematch of Rome was expected today, but the winners of the first Major found themselves with a huge couple, Delfi Brea and Bea González, the third in contention, who had been down for a few weeks, but who has emerged in Madrid. And in what way! Winning Marta Ortega and Gemma Triay by a double 6-2 is not within the reach of almost anyone. They are going to face the number couple, efficiency personified, Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría, who has the thorn in them for losing in Rome, but a week later they give unequivocal signs that they are more solid: they beat the Sánchez Alayeto Twins 6-3 and 6-2, showing that right now they are the most united duo on the circuit. The final opens the tournament: 17:00.

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