Navalny died a few days before he was exchanged for another Chechen prisoner

The Russian opponent Alexei Navalny He is “just a few days” away from his release under an agreement in principle that, according to those close to the late politician, is already in its “final phase” but has met with the direct rejection of the President. Wladimir Putinwho thereby renounced who should have served as a basis for negotiations for the repatriation of the agent Vadim Krasikov, who was imprisoned in Germany.

An ally of Navalny, Maria PevchijHe assured this on the opponent’s YouTube channel All that remained was Putin’s agreement to conclude an exchange which has been in the works for two years. He explained that since the offensive in Ukraine began, their goal was to get Navalny out of prison, fearing that his situation would worsen.

Finally, ended up in a remote Arctic prison, “hidden from the world” and was “tortured”denounced Pevchij, who has told a story demanding to understand not only why “Putin killed Navalni,” but also the reasons that led to his death on February 16.

“Navalni should be released in the coming days because We had made a decision about their replacement” he said, explaining that an offer was made to Putin at the beginning of the month and that by the afternoon of February 15 everything was already in a “final phase.”

The Russian president was then told that “the only way” to get Krasikov to return to Russia was to extradite Navalni, and so, according to Pevchij, he decided to make the person who was supposed to be a bargaining chip disappear . “It’s the behavior of a crazy mafia boss”he condemned.

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Roman Abramovich, “informal” mediator between Putin and the authorities

Pevchij’s story tells of a goal that at first seemed “impossible” but was eventually achieved as a “humanitarian exchange” to the extent that, since he was a Russian citizen, no other country had any “obligation” to support him come help: “Russian spies in exchange for political prisoners.”

During this time, there were people from other countries who risked their lives and careers in “unofficial negotiations” with the Kremlin during the tycoon Roman Abramovich He acted as an “informal negotiator” as a liaison between Putin and the European and American authorities.

Pevchij has stated that there are examples that support the veracity of this story, citing, among other things: Publications in the press about an alleged exchange with Krasikov or that Putin mentioned his name in a recent interview with the journalist Tucker Carlson.

However, everything was in vain and Navalny died under circumstances that are still unclear. The adviser assured that Putin ultimately gave the order because “Navalni was a true politician,” followed by “millions” of people and with the ability to mobilize: “Navalni was everything Putin could never be, and Putin hated him for it .” “

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