Natural and effective remedies to treat sunburn

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In summer, we can suffer from sunburn. The sun’s heat can punish our skin. Even using sunscreen, skin burns can appear.

When this happens, to alleviate the pain of these burns, we can resort to some home treatments.

Below, take a look at the best natural remedies to treat sunburn.

Home remedies for sunburn

Cold water

Water is one of the most practical and quick alternatives. An effective way to immediately help with sunburn is to soak it in cold water.

Remember: avoid pool water! Chlorinated pools can damage and aggravate sunburn.

Ice cannot! Avoid applying it directly to the burn. The reason? It can cause even more damage to extra-sensitive sunburned skin.

The best thing is getting in the shower.

You can also apply cold compresses: apply a cold, clean, lint-free towel or cloth several times a day for 10 to 15 minutes.


Oats are anti-inflammatory and soothing. You can make a paste of oatmeal with cold water and apply it to the skin, or you can add fine rolled oats or rolled oats to a bathtub and soak in it.

rice starch

Rice starch refreshes the skin and instantly relieves redness. It’s great for sunburn. Use it in bath water, dissolving it in the bathtub, bucket or bathe yourself with the help of a clean cloth.

Aloe vera (Aloe vera)

If you don’t have an aloe plant at home, this is a good opportunity to think about having one!

The gel inside the succulent plant has been used for centuries for many types of skin problems. With burns it’s no different, it works too.

Applying this magical gel directly to the skin gives immediate relief and is also soothing.

Chamomile Tea (Chamomile)

In addition to being a physical and mental soother, chamomile tea can soothe sunburned skin.

For that:

  1. make the tea normally and let it cool;
  2. When you’re ready, dip a washcloth in it and apply it to the affected area.

Maize starch

Cornstarch is often used for sunburn as it absorbs sweat and heat away from the skin.

In addition, it creates a thin film on the skin so that it recovers faster.

You can prepare a bath with cold water and add two or three spoons of cornstarch (be careful not to overdo it).

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You must be wondering: vinegar?

Although it works for some people, with vinegar there is a duality:

  1. some say adding two cups of vinegar to cold bath water can help soothe the burn;
  2. while others say that the vinegar’s high acidity can make the situation worse.

If you’ve never tried this treatment on any type of sunburn before, it’s best not to.

Coconut oil

The coconut oil it is good to use it towards the end of the healing process as it helps to keep the skin hydrated. Coconut oil has moisturizing and antimicrobial properties.


It has antioxidant and analgesic powers (takes away the pain). Beat the peeled and cooled cucumber in a blender and apply the paste to the skin.


Keeping the body hydrated during burn recovery is very important.

After hours of exposure to the sun, the body becomes dehydrated and dry. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated.

The largest organ in the body is the skin, and our bodies are mostly made up of water.

wear baggy clothes

Wear loose, comfortable clothing. Your skin is in the process of recovery, be generous as it is your body’s largest organ.

You prefer to wear clothing made from natural fibers such as cotton or bamboo, these are the best afterburn covers.

And beware: these home remedies are for mild sunburn.

When to see a doctor

If your condition is getting worse or your burn is caused by another reason, consult a doctor.

The following symptoms indicate moderate to severe sunburn. In these cases, seek medical assistance.

  • Blisters on more than 20% of the body
  • fainting or weakness
  • High fever, headache, dehydration, confusion or nausea
  • skin infection
  • When sunburns don’t respond to treatments

Last but not least: stay out of the sun while your skin is burning.



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