NATO: Ukraine’s membership in the organization is at the heart of the debates

Ukraine’s future membership in NATO will be at the heart of the debates on Tuesday 11 July. “Upon his arrival, Emmanuel Macron announced new arms deliveries. These are long-range missiles. This is a change in the French position which, until now, has refused to deliver weapons that could potentially affect Russian territory, even if the president was careful to specify that these weapons are intended for the Ukrainians to defend their territory”reports Astrid Mezmorian, live from Vilnius (Lithuania).

“No immediate plans for Ukraine to join”

“NATO must give strong guarantees to Ukraine, hammered the President of the Republic. Clear prospects to send an equally clear message to Russia, namely, the West does not get tired of helping the ‘Ukraine, it will continue to do so even after the war”relates the journalist. “However, no immediate plans for Ukraine to join, because under article 5, if a country is attacked, the allies retaliate. On the other hand, there are divisions between the allies of the NATO, it is a question of not displaying them in broad daylight so as not to give any grain to grind to Vladimir Putin. But the objective pursued by Emmanuel Macron is to transform a theoretical yes given to Ukraine in terms of membership already since 2008, in a practical yes”concludes Astrid Mezmorian.

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