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NATO responds to Putin with a million drones, missiles, F-16s and air defense systems for Ukraine

NATO responds to Putin with a million drones, missiles, F-16s and air defense systems for Ukraine

NATO member countries agreed on this on Thursday Establishment of a training center in Poland to train Ukrainian soldiers fighting Russian aggression, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg confirmed at a press conference in Brussels.

During the meeting of defense ministers, the allies politically agreed to begin training Ukrainian soldiers within NATO. The idea is to set up this center so that Ukrainian soldiers can “learn and train” hand in hand alongside their allied counterparts, Europa Press reports.

“It will allow Ukraine to share the lessons of the Russian war,” the former Norwegian prime minister said, adding that NATO military experts will now develop the details of this center, which will host the Polish city of Bydgoszcz. The training center will be set up later in 2024 as part of the Atlantic Alliance’s rapprochement with Ukraine and is one of the examples of concrete support the allies will offer Kyiv ahead of the leaders’ summit in Washington next July.

rapprochement with Ukraine

In this sense, NATO’s political chief has defended that initiatives of this type contribute to aligning Ukraine’s military standards with those of the organization and therefore brings Kiev closer to NATOIt remains impossible for Ukraine to receive the Allies’ invitation to join the military bloc at the Washington summit, as several Allied ambassadors, including the American Julianne Smith, have commented.

“The invitation will be given if all allies agree and the conditions are met. We are getting there step by step,” argued Stoltenberg when asked about this aspect at the press conference after the meeting. This initiative to train Ukrainian soldiers comes in parallel with the mission launched by the European Union at the end of 2022 to initially train 15,000 Ukrainian soldiers on the ground to fight against Russia. Since then, the bloc has gradually expanded the mission, with headquarters in Poland and Germany, training 60,000 soldiers by the end of this summer.

NATO warns that the F-16s are not a “panacea”.

During the meeting of defense ministers, several allies spoke out unveiled new commitments for military aid to Ukraineis underneath Canada, Finland and Norway. In this sense, NATO’s political chief has indicated that a group of allies led by the United Kingdom and Latvia will form a coalition Provision of one million drones to Ukrainean initiative that unites others in the field Mine clearance, missiles or anti-aircraft defense.

The UK Ministry of Defense has confirmed in a statement that the aim is to start production of Drones “at scale and at an affordable price”noting that drones have done this proved its great effectiveness on the battlefield since the Russian invasion To provide information about enemy positions.

Referring to the arrival of F-16 fighter jets amid the training of Ukrainian pilots by a group of countries led by the Netherlands and Denmark, the allied secretary general emphasized that the coalition of countries will enable “sustainable” deployment. this fighter in the Ukrainian context.

“There is no panacea that will drastically change the situation“But well-equipped and well-trained, these resources will significantly expand Ukraine’s combat capabilities,” said Stoltenberg, who reiterated the need to supply more materiel and increase weapons production in Europe to meet Ukraine’s needs on the ground. “We must move away from the crisis.” “From the slow pace of peacetime to the high-speed production that conflict requires,” he summarized.

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